Best Prank Extensions for Chrome

Get Ready to ROFL: Explore the 6 Best Prank Extensions for Chrome [Most Funniest Only]

Are you looking to inject some humor and fun into your browsing experience? If yes, then try the best prank extensions for the Chrome browser. With these entertaining extensions, you can play harmless pranks on your friends, colleagues, and other family members.

How to Choose the Best Prank Extensions for Chrome?

Having fun with colleagues lets you break the monotony at work. Here are some tips to opt for the best prank extensions for Chrome:

  • Customization settings to try different pranks
  • Intuitive interface to set up and execute pranks
  • Does not pose any security threat to the prankster

Best Prank Extensions for Chrome

Let’s go…

#1 Edit Anything

Edit Anything
Edit Anything

What is Edit Anything?

It is one of the simple Chrome extensions for editing the current web page. You can edit anything on any web page with the edit anything. Change meaningful text on the commonly used website into something funny and share it with your friends and colleagues.


  • Change text with one click.
  • Can edit on any website.
  • Respects the user’s privacy.
  • Compatible with several websites like Twitter.
  • Provides untold ways to freak out friends.

#2 Hair on Screen

Hair on screen
Hair on screen

What is Hair on Screen?

With this Chrome extension, you can make others irritated by displaying a hair strand on their screens. Digital hair can annoy any person who doesn’t like dirt on their screens. It works well for web pages with white backgrounds.


  • Different hair display options
  • Ideal to prank with cleanliness loving people
  • Creates a non-removable digital hair
  • Works well with plain background web pages
  • Annoys a person easily

#3 Crazy Page

Crazy Page
Crazy Page

What is Crazy Page?

Crazy page, as the name suggests, makes the web page bonkers. It deteriorates the web page and makes it funny. You can prank your friend, or colleagues with a click of a button.

It changes the color combination of the page’s text, images, and other elements. Thus, the web page looks spooky, funny, etc.


  • It can turn web pages into animated pages
  • Changes the text color of pages
  • Turns web pages funny and colorful
  • Ideal for wasting time and pranks
  • Freaks out people too much

#4 Cenafy


What is Cenafy?

Cenafy is the Chrome extension for all john cena fans. It turns the web page to a john cena image every time the page is loaded. The chances of the complete John Cena image is 1/100 on each page load for a user.
Once the video or the image is complete, the web page returns to its original state.


  • Great for john cena fans
  • The video plays automatically on load leaving the user confused.
  • Install and wait for wonders
  • A friend or colleague can never detect the extension
  • The video pops up and plays dialogues randomly.

#5 Prank’em

Prank 'em
Prank ’em

What is Prank’em?

It is one of the best prank extensions for Chrome that provide lots of options to prank your friends. You can customize the time and the screen area for executing the pranks.

It leaves the person confused about what is happening on the screen. You can blur the screen, animate, distort, etc. Hiding the cursor is one of my favorite ways to prank my friends from this Chrome extension.


  • Multiple ways to execute pranks
  • This creates a lot of confusion and frustration
  • Provides options to rotate the page
  • Apply effects to either the entire page or specific areas
  • Customize the percentage of the screen for modification

#6 Cornify


What is Cornify?

If you are looking for a Chrome extension to add cute stickers and elements to a web page, cornify is the answer. It adds unicorns and colorful rainbows to the web page.

It populates the page with unicorns and lets the user wonder why there are so many unicorns on one page. You can create your unicorns and add them to any web page.


  • Effective spam pranking Chrome extension
  • Refreshing the page removes the unicorns
  • One-click prank feature
  • The rainbow background color changes according to the websites
  • One of the useful tools for web design also


Best prank extensions for Chrome offer humorous ways to spread happiness and have fun. They add fun to your browsing experience and play with your friends and colleagues.

The Chrome extensions for pranks are harmless and help overcome bad days with button clicks. Thus, install these Chrome extensions and add a touch of mischief and fun to your workspace.

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