Best Chrome Extensions For Twitch

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Twitch Streaming

Do you often love to watch live streams and play video games on Twitch? If yes, here are the best Chrome extensions for Twitch that can enhance the overall experience with Twitch.

These extensions level up the experience and enjoyment of the platform. Let’s discover all these extensions.

How to Choose the Best Chrome Extensions for Twitch?

  • It is often difficult to find the appropriate Chrome extension from the pool. Here are a few features of the best Chrome extensions:
  • Compatibility with the Twitch platform
  • Chat and streaming customization options
  • Settings to tailor Twitch experience
  • Developer support for future updates
  • Stream enhancement options

Best Chrome Extensions for Twitch

Let’s go…

#1 BetterTTV


What is BetterTTV?

Are you searching to enhance your Twitch viewing experience, BetterTTV Chrome extension is the right choice. It is a feature-rich extension and offers a wide range of customization options.

You can enable dark mode, hide spoilers and have a seamless watching experience. the effective navigation makes it easier to find the emote for chats.


  • Wide customization options
  • Personalize your Twitch chat
  • Ensures compatibility with Twitch updates
  • Hides visual noise
  • Anonymous chat joining feature

#2 Unwanted Twitch

Unwanted Twitch
Unwanted Twitch

What is Unwanted Twitch?

Unwanted Twitch is one of the best Chrome extensions for customizing your Twitch experience. You can hide specific content like streams, channels, and anything irrelevant to you.

You can easily curate your Twitch feed and focus on the content that you like to watch. With its customization options, you can tailor your Twitch experience.


  • Block unwanted channels, categories, games, and streams
  • Blocks streams based on titles
  • Automatically sync between devices
  • Remove uninteresting and unwanted content
  • Avoid distractions

#3 NowStreaming – Twitch

NowStreaming Twitch
NowStreaming Twitch

What is NowStreaming – Twitch?

NowStreaming – Twitch is a handy Chrome extension to get all the streaming notifications of your favorite Twitch streams. You get real-time notifications when your favorite streamers go live on Twitch.

You can customize the type of notifications you want to receive on Twitch. Thus, you never miss your favorite broadcasts.


  • Instant notifications
  • Watch all your favorite streamers on time
  • Customize your notifications settings
  • Let’s stay connected and informed
  • Stay updated with live streams in real-time

#4 FrankerFaceZ


What is FrankerFaceZ?

FrankerFaceZ has additional features to make your Twitch experience seamless. You have access to an extensive library of emotes that you can use to customize your Twitch chat.

You can use advanced chat features like custom badges, filtering chat, and many more. Thus, it is one of the best Chrome extensions for Twitch.


  • A wealth of customization options
  • Extensive library of emotes
  • Compatible with regular Twitch updates
  • Add a layer of personalization to Twitch chats
  • Blocks malicious URLs

#5 Twitch Favorites

Twitch Favorites
Twitch Favorites

What are Twitch Favorites?

Twitch Favorites enhance your chat experiences through highlights. With this Chrome extension, you can highlight all your favorite chats and never miss any message.

You can choose to read your friend’s message from thousands of people chatting on Twitch. Highlighting lets you see your selected chats at the top of the list.


  • Stay updated with your friend’s chat
  • Setup custom color chats for specific people
  • Highlight chat in real-time

#6 Twitch Live

Twitch Live
Twitch Live

What is Twitch Live?

Do you often waste time searching for your favorite streams on Twitch? If yes, install Twitch live Chrome extension to stay updated with your favorite live streams.

The Chrome extension provides quick access to all your favorite streams on Twitch. the intuitive interface displays a list of all your favorite streams directly from your browser’s toolbar.


  • Quick access to live to stream of favorite channels
  • Embedded in the browser’s toolbar
  • Select preferred stream quality and channels
  • Setup notifications when channels go live
  • Join your favorite Twitch streams with one click

#7 Alternate Player for

Alternate Player for
Alternate Player for

What is Alternate Player for Twitch Tv?

Alternate Player is a feature-rich Chrome extension with smooth playback and improved performance in playing Twitch streams. It makes use of an alternate player instead of the default Twitch player. Thus, it provides a seamless Twitch experience to the users.
You can adjust stream quality, buffering settings, and more through the alternate player Chrome extension.


  • Enable audio-only mode
  • Tune the player settings according to the internet bandwidth
  • Instant replays of the last few seconds
  • Theater mode for distraction-free viewing
  • Built-in ad-blocking capabilities

#8 Simple Twitch Giveaways

Simple Twitch Giveaways
Simple Twitch Giveaways

What is Simple Twitch Giveaways?

Are you ready to engage with your Twitch audience? Giveaways are one of the popular ways of engaging with your Twitch audiences. With the simple Twitch giveaways Chrome extension, you can seamlessly run and manage giveaways during the live streams.

You can customize your giveaways and fine-tune settings through the simple and intuitive interface of the extension.


  • Customize entry requirements
  • Select winners easily during live streams
  • Chat integration for seamless interactions
  • Reward the viewers
  • Displays live statistics

#9 Twitch Clip Downloader

Twiclips Twitch Clip Downloader
Twiclips Twitch Clip Downloader

What is Twitch Clip Downloader?

With Twitch Clip Downloader, you can save your favorite Twitch clip to your device. You can view and share all the downloaded clips offline anytime.

The Chrome extension adds a download button to each Twitch clip. Thus, you can effortlessly download all the Twitch clips.


  • Download Twitch clips with a single click
  • Seamless integration with the Twitch website
  • Multiple video formats supported
  • Fast and reliable
  • Feature-rich Chrome extension

#10 Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker

Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker
Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker

What is Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker?

Twitch channel points Autoclicker is the Twitch Chrome extension that lets you focus on your favorite Twitch streams. It automatically claims channel points for the channel that you are currently watching.

Thus, if you wish to watch your favorite streams in peace, install the Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker Chrome extension.


  • Watch favorite streams without disruptions
  • Automatically claims channel points
  • Lite version available
  • Compatible with other browsers
  • Also available on Github


Twitch is one of the most commonly used streaming platforms. With the best Chrome extensions for Twitch, you can enhance and improve your Twitch experience in the browser.

You can download favorite clips, stream in desired formats, organize and run giveaways and even customize chat with the Chrome extensions. Thus, choose and install these Chrome extensions to tailor your Twitch experience.

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