Best Chrome Extensions For Shopping

Shop Smarter With These #12 Best Chrome Extensions For Shopping Enthusiasts

Online shopping is one of my favorite activities online. But have you wondered about having tools that can help you shop for your favorite products online without searching a million sites and with the best deals too?

There are the best Chrome extensions for shopping that can help you save time, money, and energy while shopping online. Before we dive in the list of them, Here are the advantages of installing the best Chrome extensions for shopping:

  • With the best Chrome extensions for shopping, you can save time that you would probably spend scrolling websites.
  • Best Chrome extensions help get new deals and offers on your favorite shopping websites every day.
  • The best Chrome extensions for shopping can help you analyze price fluctuations about the products you are interested in.
  • Chrome extensions for shopping let you save money by providing coupons and discounts.

How to Choose the Best Chrome Extensions for Shopping?

There are a lot of Chrome extensions available for shoppers online. Choosing the best Chrome extension can help you save from burning your pocket while you shop. Here are some of the factors that you can consider while selecting the best Chrome extension for shoppers:

  • Best Chrome extensions for shopping help you find valid deals and coupons to save money.
  • Best Chrome extensions for shopping save time to search for the best product deal online.
  • The Chrome extension should not collect any banking details or account details from the shopper.
  • Google Chrome extension should automatically apply the discount coupons at checkout.
  • The Chrome extension should work for the majority of shopping sites.

Best Chrome Extensions for Shopping

Let’s go..

#1 PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back

PayPal Honey Chrome Extension
PayPal Honey Chrome Extension

What is PayPal Honey?

Do you often want to save money while online shopping? If yes, PayPal Honey can help you with it. Honey provides automatic coupons and deals for online shopping. It lets you earn rewards while you shop for your favorite products.

Advantages of PayPal Honey

  • It is trusted best Chrome extension for shopping, by more than 15 million people worldwide
  • It provides promo codes for more than 30000 shopping websites
  • PayPal Honey helps in comparing similar products from multiple sellers on Amazon.
  • It provides price drop alerts on your wishlist products on different shopping websites.
  • It provides cashback offers on the majority of shopping websites.

#2 Fakespot: Fake Amazon Reviews and eBay Sellers

Fakespot Extension
Fakespot Extension

What is Fakespot?

With increasing competition, online shopping scams have also increased. the Fakespot Chrome extension helps you identify fake sellers and fake reviews on Amazon. Thus, you can save hard-earned money from fake sellers online.

Advantages of Fakespot

  • It provides best sellers from the majority of the e-commerce platforms
  • It detects fake reviews posted for products on shopping platforms
  • With the search result sorter feature, it allows you to search the sellers based on their ratings
  • You can use the Fakespot extension with a Google account to detect fake sellers online
  • It keeps you updated with important product updates and trusted buying offers from best sellers

#3 Rakuten

Rakuten Chrome Extension
Rakuten Chrome Extension

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is one of the best Chrome extensions for shopping which helps you save money. It provides cashback offers and discount coupons for 3000+ shopping websites. It automatically provides coupons as you visit the shopping website.

Advantages of Rakuten

  • It provides cash back options either through PayPal or cheque.
  • It provides $30 coupons when you refer your friend for installing the Chrome extension.
  • It provides cashback offers for several shopping websites like PetSmart, Gap, etc.
  • There is no effort involved from your side. You only have to visit the shopping website and start shopping.
  • The price magic feature searches for lower prices for the interested products.

#4 CNET Shopping

CNET Shopping Chrome Extension
CNET Shopping Chrome Extension

What is CNET Shopping?

It is one of the best Chrome extensions for shopping to find the right price of the product. It automatically finds the best price for the interested products. You can compare multiple retailers for a product before making the final purchase.

Advantages of CNET Shopping

  • CNET Shopping provides the best available coupons for your shopping
  • It allows you to compare multiple sellers and has the best deal for all the interested products.
  • You can track your favorite products and buy them when the price drops or the best coupon is available for it
  • CNET Shopping extensions for a large range of products.
  • The price alert feature notifies you when the prices of interested products go down.

#5 Slickdeals: Automatic Coupons and Deals

Slickdeals Chrome Extension
Slickdeals Chrome Extension

What is Slickdeals?

It is another best Chrome extension for shoppers to save money and get discount coupons. Slickdeals offer cashback offers for several shopping websites. It is supported and installed by more than 10 million shoppers online. Thus, it is one of the best Chrome extensions for online shopping.

Advantages of Slickdeals

  • It automatically applies discount coupons, cashback offers at checkout.
  • It helps you maximize your savings along with buying your favorite products.
  • It helps identify the best deals from trusted sellers
  • It provides reward points when you shop online. You can redeem these reward points as cashback through PayPal.
  • You can redeem the earned reward points as gift cards.

#6 Smarty

Smarty Chrome Extension
Smarty Chrome Extension

What is Smarty?

Smarty Chrome extension is one of the best tools for getting automatic discount coupons. It provides the best product deals automatically at the time of checkout. With this best Chrome extension for coupons, you never pay extra for any product.

Advantages of Smarty

  • It searches for the highest cashback rates available for the selected products
  • It compares the prices of the product over the web and provides the best deal
  • You don’t have to search for coupons, they are automatically applied at checkout.

#7 Neutral

Neutral Chrome Extension
Neutral Chrome Extension

What is Neutral?

Online shopping also leads to too many carbon missions. With Neutral, you shop sustainability. It reduces your carbon emissions while online shopping. It helps you understand the carbon emission while you shop for your favorite product. Thus, it is one of the best Chrome extensions for online shopping.

Advantages of Neutral

  • It increases environmental awareness while you shop for your favorite products.
  • It helps you leave a positive impact while fulfilling your wishes
  • You can offset your carbon emission from the cart directly.
  • With the Neutral dashboard, you can get key insights into your shopping habits and their effect on the environment.

#8 Mino – Automatic Coupons

Mino Chrome Extension
Mino Chrome Extension

What is Mino?

You might receive faulty coupons, don’t you? Mino Chrome extension helps you verify the discount coupon with one click. It verifies all the coupons and applies the best coupon available to the cart. It works on 3000+ shopping websites. It is one of the best Chrome extensions for coupons. Thus, you can shop all your favorite products with exciting coupons.

Advantages of Mino

  • It provides you with the best price of the product by comparing all the sellers online
  • It verifies all the available coupons and applies only the valid coupon to your cart.
  • It alerts you when valid coupons are available for the products in your cart.
  • It is a free extension to install with no extra effort.

#9 Price Tracker – Auto Buy, Price History

Price Tracker Chrome Extension
Price Tracker Chrome Extension

What is Price Tracker?

Do you ever wishlist your product and wait for its prices to reduce? If yes, Price Tracker is one of the best Chrome extensions for online shopping. It automatically keeps track of the product prices for you. It even provides auto-buy options for the majority of shopping websites.

Advantages of Price Tracker

  • It eliminates the manual effort of tracking favorite product prices.
  • It provides price drop alerts through email notifications, messages, and Chrome browser notifications.
  • You can graphically view the price changes of a product over 3 years.
  • It automatically adds a product to the checkout process when the price drops
  • The price graph feature is one of the best features for comparing product prices over time

#10 eTrack – Package Tracking

eTrack Chrome Extension
eTrack Chrome Extension

What is eTrack – Package Tracking?

E-track is one of the most used packaging tracking mechanisms by online shoppers. It is compatible with more than 700+ package carrier services online. It provides comprehensive tracking information for the ordered product direct from the carrier service.

Advantages of eTrack – Package Tracking

  • It helps in the organization of shipments from multiple carriers and delivery services.
  • It provides auto updates on the delivery process.
  • You can track all the orders with their shipment details through a single dashboard.
  • It eliminates the need for third-party tracking mechanisms
  • With eTrack, you can estimate delays in the delivery of product orders.

#11 Share-A-Cart

Share A Cart Chrome Extension
Share A Cart Chrome Extension

What is Share-A-Cart?

Do you often share your favorite products with your friends and family? Share-A-Cart makes it easier to share products present in your shopping cart. With Share-A-Cart, you only have to create a cart id and then you can directly share the cart with anyone.

Advantages of Share-A-Cart

  • It shares the cart with a short code. the shortcode loads your cart on the web.
  • It is compatible with several online grocery stores and retailers.
  • It eliminates the manual effort of sharing individual products with your family and friends.
  • It is compatible with Amazon. Thus, you can directly share your Amazon shopping cart with your friends.
  • Persons with the shortcode of the shared cart can directly add the same products to their shopping cart.

#12 freetree

Freetree Chrome Extension
Freetree Chrome Extension

What is freetree?

Freetree is one of the best Chrome extensions for shopping and the environment. It turns your shopping campaign into a tree-planting campaign. With freetree you plant trees as you shop for your favorite products online.

Advantages of freetree

  • It shows you how many trees you have planted while shopping online
  • The profits earned are spent on planting trees. It results in improving the positive environmental impact.
  • It is powered by Ecosia. They plant trees with the best ecological standards.
  • It does not cost you any extra charges while shopping.
  • It supports more than 1000 partner shops and websites.


Online shopping is fun. It becomes easier to shop and save with the best Chrome extensions for shopping. the best Chrome extensions for coupons help you earn cashback, gift cards, rewards, and the best discount coupons.

Several best Chrome extensions for shopping also contribute positively to the environment. Thus, you can install these Chrome extensions and save money while online shopping.

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